Minister Services

Rev. Marsha Mitchiner

"In my role as minister, I am available to perform/assist in weddings, commitment ceremonies, baby naming/dedications, memorials/funerals and other special occasions.

As an existentialist, I believe that each service should reflect the unique meaning that it holds for the couple, family, friends involved. I meet with the couple (for example) in an informal setting to learn something about who they are and what they want to achieve. My goal is to provide information and guidance to facilitate the development of the service. I provide resources and material as appropriate. There are no requirements for what must be included; only the honoring of each individual.

 My spiritual life began as a Christian in middle Georgia . During my teen years I began to question the concept of "one truth". Through personal exploration and with three years of guided study by Rev. R. Lanier Clance, I have come to believe that there are many paths to truth, each valid to the believer. Our journey through life is a unique, subjective experience that is enhanced and supported as we share with others our authentic self. It is a joy to serve the First Existentialist Congregation and the greater community."