The First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta offers its building for rent to individuals and groups whose rental purposes align with our mission as an organization.  We especially welcome personal and community ceremonies such as weddings, memorial services, concerts, etc.

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Generally, this includes educational purposes, life events (marriage, naming ceremonies, funerals, etc.), art and music celebrations, and open spiritual communities.  The Rental Oversight Committee oversees these uses and determines whether a proposed usage is acceptable.  In case of a denial and re-request, an applicant's proposed rental will be judged by the Board at its next meeting.  The same Board Approval process is used for recurrent rentals involving a long-term relationship with the Congregation.

If you would like more information or would like availability information about a specific date, please feel free to call us.  Our office typically operates from 3 to 6pm most weekdays, and we will return your call if you leave a message.  You can also email us at

If you already know you want to rent our space, please check our building calendar for availability then download and fill out our rental application.  Thank you!