How to Use This Site

This is an interactive site that you control.  Here is a link to the basic vision document explaining why we setup this site and how to use it. There are several topic areas regarding how to use this site.  On this page, each is addressed in turn.

1. Creating an Account and Logging In

Basically, all members and friends of First E may request to register into the site by filling out the form available on the home screen of this intranet site, and on request, an email will be sent to the site administrators (the Web team - a unit of the Communications Guild which includes the Office Administrator).  They will check the request and approve it provided they recognize your name.  We have this check to keep automated web crawlers and spammers out of this internal system.  If you encounter an error getting approved, please call the office (404-378-5570) and leave a message asking to be added.  Include the details needed from the create account form (name, username, group memberships, email address, etc.).  Once your account is initially input into the Web system, you will receive an email with a login URL.  This will get you in once, at which time you will be prompted to change your password to something only you know.

2. Browsing Content within this Site and Posting Comments

Roles - how to post comments - where the comment links are - how to subscribe to new information and receive updates

Suggesting updates and modifications - join the WebTeam - email comments

Send in newsletter postings

2.1 Inviting someone to create an account in our Web site.

If you see the "Invite a Friend" link in the links to the left, you can use it to invite a friend to join the site.  The site will send them an email and give you a chance to add a message (see below for an example of the confirmation screen.)  When they respond, you will be notified.

invite confirmation dialog

3. Participating in a Group (Guilds, Committees, Special Projects, Teams, etc.)

Can post to email for private forum of each group (screenshot)

4. Leading a Group (Guilds, Committees, Special Projects, Teams, etc.)

If not already have a group site, can request one from the webteam.  Also, if have a site but need administrative access to control it, request to have role updated to "chair" status by the WebTeam.