We come together to encourage individual spiritual journeys, which bring into existence new definitions of what it means to be human. As a viable spiritual alternative, we seek to serve as a catalyst to make this ideal accessible to all.

Acknowledging and accepting our differences, respecting individual freedom, and aspiring to meet spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs, we reach out for spiritual bonding among and beyond ourselves.

Existentialism is the subjective experience, not some preset essence that determines what a human becomes.

There are many paths to truth, but we do not believe that there is one belief system that is higher than another—one that is true and that others are not. Each person must seek their own path and find their own truth.

Members of our congregation will self-identify as Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan—whatever their own internal self feels is truth for them. But we all come together to celebrate that variety, that we can all seek different paths yet still be a part of the same community.

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Pledge Form and Letter 2010

The First Existentialist
Congregation of Atlanta

470 Candler Park Dr., NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


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