Zoe Haugo

Zoe Haugo was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies with a Minor in Spanish from McGill University in Montreal. She has traveled extensively and lived in Switzerland, Spain, Australia, and Mexico.

Zoe’s interest in theatre arts, yoga, and wellness led her to train under Steve Wilson with World Laughter Tour, and as a Certified Laughter Leader she spent several years leading therapeutic laughter sessions with diverse groups ranging from executives at conventions in Phoenix, Arizona, to senior citizens with Alzheimer’s in nursing home facilities in rural Georgia, to “at risk” teens in Montana. Additionally, she participated in outreach events across the U.S. performing and interacting as a “caring clown,” both independently, with Dr. Shulman’s “What’s in a Doctor’s Bag?” live kids shows, and with various groups such as Patch Adams’ Gesundheit! Institute.  

Zoe has collaboratively written and edited journal / magazine articles relating to health and humor, screenplays, and books (both fiction and non-fiction for adults and children). She has worked as lead director, cameraperson, and video editor for independent video projects including documentaries for non-profits, public service announcements for GPB (Channel 8 public television in GA) providing health tips for kids, and a feature- length romantic comedy titled “Who Nose?” Zoe has also acted as administrative coordinator for various humanitarian-oriented events at Emory University, including Soccer For Peace (to raise funds and ship donated soccer equipment to war-torn South Sudan), a Festival of Faiths (to encourage openness and compassion towards religions other than one’s own), and the annual Global Health & Humanitarian Summit.