Paula Larke

 Her accolades as a performer/lecturer include enthusiastic endorsements from the NC Department of Juvenile Services, Leadership America, the General Board of Global Ministries, and innumerable advocacy organizations across the U.S. (  Her input in working with educational agencies is ongoing and well-received.   

Within her organization, VOICES IN THE TREETOPS, Inc., Ms. Larke follows a family tradition - mentoring young and elder artists in applying their arts to social justice activism. Ms. Larke exhorts all ages and cultures to appreciate the wisdom of all our ancestors while identifying and examining the folly of inhumane beliefs and practices. She leads in honoring the elders with music, laughter, and respect, listening to their struggles, celebrating their victories with reverent attention. She teaches mothers and babies to read in their homes.  She mentors and monitors the behavior of teens on the street, in the apartment complex parking lots, gives out books from her car trunk, assists in and celebrates with families on their cultural occasions.

She translates issues, goals, messages, etc. into singing, dancing, story-telling, acting, or Image Theatre to enhance, energize, and unite divided or competing individuals, institutions and community service agencies. They learn to use the arts in order to strengthen their collective and common purpose, instead of competing for individual glory.  Her inclusive method of teaching unites individuals and agencies of widely diverse cultures, religious affiliations, races and economic backgrounds, etc. in becoming positive and effective “villages”, working for the well being of all. Through her talents as a multi-disciplinary artist Paula Larke brings heightened consciousness, joy, motivation and healing to minds and hearts across the nation.

VOICES IN THE TREETOPS  has released a peace and civic awareness CD – “Unity in the Community”, now available at 

A member of Alternate ROOTS since 1987, Paula is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and of Local 1000 (the North American Federation of Traveling Musicians.)