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Updates from the Interim Co-Presidents

UUA Top Stories - Fri, 2017-04-28 11:18

UUA Interim Co-Presidents, the Revs. Sofia Betancourt and William Sinkford and Dr. Leon Spencer, offer updates on their work and comment on recent Board of Trustees decisions to financially support Unitarian Universalists of color at General Assembly and the ongoing work of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism.  

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Love Resists

UUA Top Stories - Wed, 2017-04-26 15:42

Since January, nearly 15,000 Unitarian Universalists have signed the Declaration of Conscience.

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Climate justice activism: ‘To call a place home’

UU World - Mon, 2017-04-24 07:30

Aly Tharp

My Unitarian Universalist values and connections called me to climate justice activism—and to stay in the South as I work.

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Translating faith

UU World - Mon, 2017-04-24 07:00

Nathan Mesnikoff

Chaplains help patients translate their own experience into personal story.

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Interim co-presidents see ‘opportunity to re-center ourselves’

UU World - Fri, 2017-04-21 13:00

Elaine McArdle

‘Sometimes it takes a shock to a system to get it unstuck,’ says UUA Interim Co-President William G. Sinkford.

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Show Your Solidarity

UUA Top Stories - Wed, 2017-04-19 10:02

Unitarian Universalists are known for showing up--and wearing distinctive yellow Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) shirts when they do. Get your own SSL shirts, signs, stoles, and more at inSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop. 

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What now for Americans and climate change?

UU World - Mon, 2017-04-17 07:00

Shelby Meyerhoff

The new administration poses grave challenges, but don’t give up the fight just yet.

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Crossing Thresholds

UUA Top Stories - Wed, 2017-04-12 16:09

Rev. Daniel Gregoire reflects on the enormity -- and the mystery -- of the actions and decisions that carry us across thresholds.  He reminds us that we can "reach out and reach in for strength, compassion, and wisdom as we navigate the uncertain roads ahead."

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UUA Board Announces Interim Co-Presidents

UUA Top Stories - Tue, 2017-04-11 13:48

On Monday, April 10, 2017, the UUA Board of Trustees voted unanimously to appoint the Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt, the Rev. William G. Sinkford, and Dr. Leon Spencer to serve as interim co-presidents of the Association until June 24, 2017 when a new president will be elected at the Association's annual General Assembly. Read the full story in UU World.

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Three co-presidents to lead UUA until General Assembly 2017

UU World - Tue, 2017-04-11 11:15

Elaine McArdle

Board of Trustees appoints the Rev. Sofía Betancourt, the Rev. William G. Sinkford, and Leon Spencer to lead Association after President Peter Morales’s resignation.

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The call to prayer

UU World - Mon, 2017-04-10 07:00

Nancy McDonald Ladd

I truly do not care if a god ever hears me when I pray, but praying together with others is among the most transformative work that I do.

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Board will appoint committee to select interim president

UU World - Fri, 2017-04-07 17:50

Elaine McArdle

Approves racism audit of UUA, will meet again April 10, when it may name interim president.

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Two more UUA senior staff announce they will step down

UU World - Wed, 2017-04-05 21:25

Elaine McArdle

After President Peter Morales resigned, the Rev. Harlan Limpert, chief operating officer, and the Rev. Scott Tayler, head of Congregational Life, are leaving, too.

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Morales: ‘It was clear I had lost credibility and trust’

UU World - Wed, 2017-04-05 17:30

Elaine McArdle

UUA President Peter Morales explains why he resigned amid accusations of white supremacy in hiring practices.

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Relativism is the Trump card

UU World - Mon, 2017-04-03 07:30

Jeffrey A. Lockwood

For Unitarian Universalists, being open-minded must not mean being empty-headed.

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Kindness over niceness

UU World - Mon, 2017-04-03 07:30

Kimberley Debus

Valuing being kind and prophetic over ‘being nice’ would help Unitarian Universalists speak more powerfully to the present times.

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UUA President Resigns Amid Controversy Over Hiring Practices

UUA Top Stories - Thu, 2017-03-30 16:33

The Rev. Peter Morales announced his resignation from the presidency of the Unitarian Universalist Association effective Saturday, April 1, 2017. The UUA Board of Trustees is authorized to appoint an acting president, who would serve until the presidential election in June.

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UUA president resigns amid controversy over hiring practices

UU World - Thu, 2017-03-30 16:15

Christopher L. Walton

The Rev. Peter Morales steps down three months before end of term amid charges that a senior hire reflects white supremacy and failures to promote staff diversity.

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Texas UU coalition fights bills hostile to immigrants and transgender people

UU World - Tue, 2017-03-28 12:30

Elaine McArdle

240 Unitarian Universalists lobby legislators on reproductive justice, immigrant and refugee justice, and economic justice issues.

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Critics see white supremacy in UUA hiring practices

UU World - Mon, 2017-03-27 21:30

Elaine McArdle

Latest senior hire, of a white man, highlights staff leadership that remains mostly white.

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